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Guestbook entries: 9. Please feel free to sign our guestbook!

Entry #10, 2007-10-09  18:43:55   Pauline Cameron  
We'll be back I rate this site: 
Many thanks Elaine for taking the time to show us around and tell us all about alpacas. We are now even more determined to get some. best wishes to all art Mayfield Pauline and Bob Cameron

Entry #9, 2007-06-18  09:53:46   Sarah Haydock  []
Fantastic! I rate this site: 
Fantastic website and what a lovely alpaca centre!

Entry #8, 2007-04-27  13:24:55   Katie Marsden  
A fantastic place to visit I rate this site: 
This is a fantasic place to visit any day I like across the valley on harrison lane and we like to watch what is going on.

Entry #7, 2006-12-03  16:28:27   Flora Owen  
Friends of the Porter Valley visit 2/12/06 I rate this site: 
It's almost a year since we were here; the new visitor centre is terrific : welcome hot drinks & delicious cakes! I loved the shop & bought a beautiful sweater, softest Alpaca, in a traditional Peruvian pattern. Thanks again, Elaine, for telling our group about the breeding of the herd & how the business is growing. We saw Mary again, - the baby 'crea' that was born prematurely, last Christmas Eve. It was miraculous that she survived; now she's well-grown, out with the others in the paddock. Best wishes from us all, Flora. you

Entry #5, 2006-11-18  23:07:01   Cate  
WOW I rate this site: 
I must admit being a dixie girl from Florida I'd never even heard of an Alpaca, let alone seen one or been round them.It doesn't take much time for them to work their way into your heart... as for me one in paticular. This is a great place to come relax bring the family an just have fun. Elaine an her staff are always ready to welcome you an make ya feel right at home. Keep up the good work !!!

Entry #4, 2006-10-21  17:36:03   The alpaca stuck in london  [dont have one]
HELLO HELLO!!! I rate this site: 
Hi everyone-hope ur all well. Miss all the animals(including you lot!) very much. This website is amazing,very professional. So good i can pop on the internet and pretend im there amongst the alpacas in the green grass of the farm.Give them all a big cuddle from me!!!!xxxxxxxxxx

Entry #3, 2006-09-19  19:43:48   Arthur  
Magicalanimals I rate this site: 
I came across your pen of Alpacas at the classic car show last Sunday. I leaned against the fence, mainly to take the weight off my poorly foot. Amazingly, I became aware of all the beautiful eyes looking at me. Not just looking at me but looking into my eyes just as we look at someone we care for. I found myself saying, in my mind, "thank you,friends". The moment passed and the lovely creatures moved to see some children squealing excitedly near by. Elaine saw me and gave me a card with this website address .

Entry #2, 2006-09-14  20:07:56   John Ketchin  
Friends from home. I rate this site: 
Set on the Southern borders of Sheffield overlooking the Mayfield Valley is a World away from the usual. A visit here leaves you with a smile on your face and the inner glow of tranquility, here is a place to be visited and re-visited time after time. Everyone is made to feel so welcome within the total family enviroment, the Alpaca family and the 'human' family who are there to welcome you and answer all your questions. In this world of angst and mayhem, this is a place to come and relax at, escape and just feel good about everything. The ongoing expansion provides you with a place to relax and enjoy a drink, absorb the love and dedication put into developing this fine herd, even a shop to aquire that little something special and exclusive.

Entry #1, 2006-09-13  00:38:56   Anthony Caira  
Very interesting and well put together website I rate this site: 
I have just visited your revised website and found it a very enjoyable experience. Well done on the revisions - keep up the good work and hope to visit soon.

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